Get Noticed: 5 Tips for Pharma Email Marketers

May 21, 2018


By Stephanie Wieland

What’s the point of a great email if you can’t get anyone to open it? With office workers receiving an average of 121 emails per day according to DMR, it’s a tough world out there for email marketers. Here are some “tried and true” best practices to get your message noticed.


Be Mindful of Timing

MNG Direct's in-house email strategist Shannon Hagarty says i... Continue reading

Email Marketing Pharma marketing Engagement

Facebook Needs a “Report Misleading Medical Information” Button. Now.

May 15, 2018


By Robyn Garrett

Sometimes people ask me why I work in the pharma industry. When they ask those questions they often have images in their minds of infamous price hikes (and sometimes they’re really angry). Those people don’t understand what I do at all. I help biopharma brands connect with HCPs so that those HCPs are empowered to make the best possible treatment decision for every patient in their practice.

I’ve written hundreds of scripts for medical explainer videos – the kind t... Continue reading

biopharma marketing social media marketing medical content

Employee Spotlight: Sneha

May 08, 2018


What’s your title?

Vice President, Client Solutions


Years at MNG?

This June, on my birthday, will be 7 years!


What are three words that describe you?

Determined, loyal, and generous


What’s your favorite MNG core value?

Although I can relate with all the core values, my fa... Continue reading

Employee Spotlight Talent Personal Best
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Two Key Secrets We Used to Shoot 100 Videos in 2017

May 01, 2018


By Michael Kunz

How do you shoot 100 videos over the course of 12 months? Well, the short answer is hustle and hard work. The reality is there are a few key factors needed to be execute an accomplishment like this. I attribute our success to communication and agility.


We all know that clear communication is important, but what does that look like in a real world working environment? A lot of comm... Continue reading

teamwork video creative

Drive Deeper Engagement with MNG’s Interactive Emails

April 23, 2018

By Robyn Garrett

Do you know that our friends at Litmus are projecting that interactive emails will be the biggest trend of 2018, surpassing even personalization? We do! That’s why we have been working hard to find a way to bring interactivity to biopharma in a way that is fair and balanced.

We are currently offering four different types of interactivity – each with a unique use case that will allow you to drive deeper engagement wit... Continue reading

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You’re a Proofreader…Yes, You!

April 19, 2018


By Cindy Diamadi

Continue reading

Pharma AMA Editing Personal Best

Employee Spotlight Questionnaire: Shannon

March 02, 2018


Title: Email Campaign Manager

Continue reading

Employee Spotlight Talent Teamwork

Four Things I Learned as Interim Creative Director

February 22, 2018


By Robyn Garrett

Continue reading

Creativity Innovation Personal Best

Pharma Editing Life Rules

February 15, 2018


By Cindy Diamadi

Continue reading

Pharma AMA Editing

Delivering Physician-Level Data, a Marketer’s 2018 Focus

February 09, 2018


By Jeff Smyth

Continue reading

Analytics Data Pharma Marketing Digital

Employee Spotlight: Krister

February 01, 2018


Title: VP, Customer Solutions

Continue reading

Employee Spotlight Personal Best Talent

Behind the Scenes at Our January Hackathon

January 30, 2018


In the fast-paced world of the pharma industry, how can you be sure that you are making the most impact? There is a variety of med... Continue reading

Innovation Teamwork Technology

Is Pharma Capable of Providing the Amazon Experience?

January 23, 2018


Closed Loop Marketing, or CLM, requires understanding not only who your customers are, but using that k... Continue reading

Pharma Marketing Customer Experience Machine Learning

Alexa, what is the dosing for…

January 17, 2018


Continue reading

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How to Get Noticed in 2018

January 05, 2018



Continue reading
#Pharma #Engagement #Marketing #Personalization #Digital

11 Podcasts for Savvy Pharma Marketers

January 03, 2018


It takes a lot to be a good marketer, amirite? Like the healthcare providers we serve, we’re constantly... Continue reading

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Marketing Evolution in the Life Sciences

December 18, 2017


“I’m in love with science because I know that we are winning.”

Continue reading

#LifeSciences #Pharma #ContentMarketing
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Data Infused with Intelligence

March 07, 2017

Like Artificial Intelligence, MNG Direct platforms and solutions are addressing an unmet need in today’s pharma/biotech marketing. Click here to see our ad in this recent Medical Marketing and Media e-book.  

Continue reading
#MNGDirect #datainfusedmarketing #pharmaAI

MNG Direct Announces the Launch of MNG Labs as an Innovation Incubator for the Company's Industry-Leading Multichannel Marketing Automation Solutions

January 18, 2017

BENSALEM, Pa., Jan. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- MNG Direct, a leading provider of multichannel communications solutions delivered through marketing automation platform... Continue reading

Innovation at the Other End of the Pipeline

December 20, 2016


By Jamie Peck

The final weeks of the year are predictably filled with critical analysis and prognostication by experts across the life sciences industry. Among the most scrutinized elements of this environment is the product pipeline – arguably, the most widely recognized key indicator of innovation and progress for the industry. In the wake of a protracted period of gloom-and-doom forecasts associated with the consequences of the patent cliff... Continue reading

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