Data Infused with Intelligence

March 07, 2017

Like Artificial Intelligence, MNG Direct platforms and solutions are addressing an unmet need in today’s pharma/biotech marketing. Click here to see our ad in this recent Medical Marketing and Media e-book.  

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MNG Direct Announces the Launch of MNG Labs as an Innovation Incubator for the Company's Industry-Leading Multichannel Marketing Automation Solutions

January 18, 2017

BENSALEM, Pa., Jan. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- MNG Direct, a leading provider of multichannel communications solutions delivered through marketing automation platform... Continue reading

Innovation at the Other End of the Pipeline

December 20, 2016


By Jamie Peck

The final weeks of the year are predictably filled with critical analysis and prognostication by experts across the life sciences industry. Among the most scrutinized elements of this environment is the product pipeline – arguably, the most widely recognized key indicator of innovation and progress for the industry. In the wake of a protracted period of gloom-and-doom forecasts associated with the consequences of the patent cliff... Continue reading

Engineered to Engage for Better Outcomes

November 15, 2016


By Tyler Dunn

Earlier this month, my colleague Jamie Peck wrote a great article about Continue reading

Healthcare Provider (HCP) Customer Journey

September 27, 2016

By Duffy Hutchinson

Marketers who understand the impact of the HCP customer journey are more successful in driving impact from brand messaging deployed in the marketplace.  In the early days of digital and non-personal promotion (NPP), HCP and other stakeholder email address databases were not as developed or robust as they are today.  At that time, a primary focus for NPP was strictly reach where campaigns were largely deployed by blanketing therapeutic c... Continue reading

Sticking With E-Mail In Its Golden Years

September 20, 2016


By Dave Mountain

Nothing’s gonna touch you in these Golden Years. – David Bowie 

Consider the humble e-mail.  Like the great Bowie, they first hit the scene in the early ’70s.  Many of your targeted healthcare providers (HCPs) have been getting them for decades, with domains that go back to the early ages of Internet usage. They may get over a hundred of them in a workday, from professional to pers... Continue reading

Video: There's More Than You Know going on at MNG Direct

September 13, 2016

MNG Direct’s CEO, Steve Wray, walks you through the latest company updates as we prepare for Q4 2016 and beyond.

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Six Ways That Propensity Modeling Makes Your Brand’s Message More Relevant

August 04, 2016

By Anthony Hillman


Propensity modeling is the analysis and implementation of how a healthcare provider (HCP) prefers to interact with brand-specific messaging.  By refining targeting to the marketing tactics and channels that an individual HCP prefers, we see engagement benefits for all parties.  

1. Tailoring messages to individual preference

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Action! As video grows, live video gets bigger

August 04, 2016

By Michael Kunz

There are probably as many astonishing statistics about internet usage as there are cat videos on YouTube. For instance, Continue reading

Five Reasons Why Content Engineering Is Upstaging Content Design

August 04, 2016

By Steve Gallo

“Hey, you over there.”

 …(No response)

 “Hey, Steve!”

 “Oh, that’s me. How’s it going?”

 See what a difference you can make when you alter your message to speak directly to your target audience? What ends up being a min... Continue reading

Four Indispensable Strategies to Increase E-mail Open Rates

August 04, 2016

By David Mountain

Raising your open rates is a constant concern for many marketing managers in pharma and a prime focus of what we do at MNG Direct. Here are four abiding strategies that help us deliver results.

1) To go three steps forward, you might need to take one step back.

 Here’s a quick hypothetical scenario. You are running a simple A/B crea... Continue reading

Bringing Authenticity to Customer Centricity

August 04, 2016

By Jamie Peck

By now, everyone is familiar with (and possibly even tired of) the term “content is king.”  No responsible marketer would argue that accurate, insightful, and compelling content is an essential component of the marketing toolkit.  That said, the increasing rate of physician hyperconnectivity by device and to one another and even to their patients is driving a new dynamic across the marketing landscape.  

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